Subbing Now: The Sand Princess

Where have you been all my life, The Sand Princess? Kids, marriages, nice pra’ek (though that’s been known to change), The Sand Princess hits all of my weaknesses. It’s being subbed on official yt channel too, so easy access for folks.

The Sand Princess (2019) started Aug 24, 2019 and should end on October 6, 2019. At 14 episodes of only 45 minutes long, it’s one of the shorter lakorns I’ve seen and wished like heck it would start a new trend. There are sooo many lakorns (dramas in general really) that would be improved if they just edited it better (looking at you Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang (2019) at 34 episodes of 60 minutes).

Synopsis of 1st 2 episodes: Kodnipa, our nang’ek, is used to cleaning up after Jirapat, a spoiled rich guy who always gives her money in return for her doing, well, just about anything and everything for him, including doing his schoolwork, feeding him, etc. Jirapat goes overseas and Kodnipa is glad, but soon after he returns, he drops a big problem on her lap, namely his illegitimate baby, Moichi. Jirapat gets Kodnipa to act as Moichi’s mom the same way he gets her to do a lot of things, with money. Two years past in this fashion.

Then Kodnipa meets Kirakorn on a number of occasions, and Kirakorn gets to know about Moichi’s deadbeat dad and Kodnipa’s troubles as a single mom, and seems to sympathize with her. One day, he meets the deadbeat dad, whom, you might have guessed, is none other then his little brother Jirapat! Kirakorn rails at Jirapat and tries to find a way to solve the problem, as Jirapat has a fiancee.

I’m on episode 3, and really enjoying this so far. We have a typical hardworking nang’ek, who so far seems of average intelligence, a playboy 2nd lead? (Jirapat), and a caring nice pra’ek who lives in the same building as the nang’ek and knows her daughter Moichi well (kinda eh, but we’ll go with it). This is a love triangle, so I’m already hoping she ends up with Kirakorn. Who’s nice and responsible. Wait, that really isn’t a good thing in dramas usually, right? Oh, who am I kidding. He doesn’t stand a chance, does he? 😢 Please no spoilers! Watch it here with English subtitles.