What’s up in the blogsphere?

In this post, we’ll look at what other Thai bloggers are blogging about. Hopefully, this will give you a good idea on where to go to find more posts on lakorns and more reviews.

  • Lovefia has some recaps up of Nueng Dao Fah Diew by Greta, and I found Greta’s indepth analysis of Krong Karm to be very insightful. Krong Karm wasn’t on my to-watch list before, but it is now. It is not the usual lakorn with simplistic love stories, but is much more than that.
  • Meanwhile, you can catch Lovefia on twitter, where she’s more active these days..
  • Num Kala’s new mv and short film for the mv is subbed by neko, who is a fan of the singer. Listening to it now. Mmm. Hmm. It’s okay, like the story more than the music though.
  • neko also put up another informative post on Kaew Klang Dong, including looking at all the kisses, which, okay, I am totally putting this one on my to-watch list too😜. Again.
  • Lakorn teasers of 2020 for channel 7? I’m in. Watch them here on Thippy’s blog.
  • Thippy also has a review up of Huajai Look Phuchai.
  • Lakorn Galaxy recently did a review of Prai Pikaat. Ouch!

And that’s it for this post. I focused on blogs that have put out content recently in the last month or so. Do you know of any bloggers I’ve missed? What are you favorite go to blogs?