Top Three RomCom Lakorns

No theme of the week this week, I couldn’t decide. But I did want to do a top three lakorn recommendation for those looking for a good romantic comedy. Comedy in general, is such a hard thing to get right in dramas and/or movies (Stephen Chow has some great movies). And romantic comedies are even harder. But here are 3 lakorns I enjoyed.

  1. Soot Sanaeha (2009)- Anne Thongprasom and Ken Theeradeth showcase the same chemistry here that’s made them a favorite koojin couple for years. Watch just about any Anne and Ken lakorn and you’re guarantee great acting, solid directing, not to mention mindblowing chemistry (I’ve watched all their lakorns except Rang Ngao). Here Anne really gets to show off her comic skills and I was very impressed. She makes the most of each scene and has surprisingly great comic timing. Ken is more the solid, earnest type to Anne’s spoiled, crazy antics, but he’s also lovable as well. Find it here.

Synopsis: Alin is a dwindling actress unable to compete with younger rising starlets. When she is approached to do a cooking show “Soot Aroi Gap Alin (Delicious Recipes with Alin)”, she accepts, hoping it will save her career and also to bring her closer to the owner of the show, Anucha. One problem, she can’t cook. She hires Din, a foul-mouth chef, for cooking lessons.

Slowly she learns how to cook and her show is a major ratings hit. Also at this time, Alin develops a personal relationship with her cooking teacher, not a romantic one. She begins to consult with him about her life and love.

As her relationship blossoms with the man of her dreams, she begins to question about the relationship she has with her chef. Though Anucha is the man of her dreams and can give her things she superficially desires (glamour and stardom), Din makes her happy. Who will she choose?

(Source: AsianFuse Wiki)

2. Stupid Cupid (2015) This is a parody and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. They throw just about every lakorn trope at you, crossdressing, arranged marriage, secrets, heirs, and see what jokes stick. Either you’ll think it’s hilarious or not. Sunny Suwanmethanont does such a great job here as the pra’ek. He has great comic timing, looks the part and really gives it his all. Link here.

Synopsis: The Amaraporn family is a big and wealthy family. On the 80th birthday of the grandmother, who is the head of the family, she announced that she wants to hold an arranged marriage between Chawee and Araya. Chawee, the only grandson of the Amaraporn family, dislikes Araya since they were young. Araya is an orphan that grandmother adopted. Yingmae and Chonlee wants to eliminate Araya because she will soon become the daughter-in-law and receive the inheritance instead of them. They plan to use Deedee, Chawee’s lover, who came back from the UK to change his mind and cancel the wedding. The Doctor who looks after the Amaraporn family secretly loves Araya. Although Araya is slandered by Chawee, Yingmae, Chonlee and Deedee, she gets the encouragement from Doctor.

Meanwhile, Philin, a woman who disguises herself as a man named Piroj, applies to be the new gardener. However, she comes to the mansion because of a secret that no one knows. Furthermore, Pisan, the mysterious man living on a desert island, is planning to avenge somebody in the Amaraporn family. 


3. Seu Rak Chak Yai Olawon (2008) This is one of those underrated lakorns not many talk about or have seen, but I thought it was great at the beginning, good in the middle and strong at the end. The chemistry between the two leads is wonderful and every scene they’re in sparks. This starts off with plenty of laugh out loud moments, but towards the end it does shift to more drama and less comedy. The focus of the lakorn strays as well from our main couple to concentrate more on the supporting cast in the middle, but later on we do get back to our main couple. Link here.

The cast in general is likable and I thought the main characters were much more unique then the typical rich guy, poor girl types in most lakorns.

Synopsis: Witawin, a young businessman comes back from America to take vacation in Thailand and survey for his new business. He’s happy to meet Daru, his ex-girlfriend again, but he just realizes that she gets married with Theenai already and they have a daughter, Jean. After he talks to her, he just knows that Daru has problem in her marriage life because Theenai is very flirty and always makes her sorry.

Witawin feel sorry and guilty for her because he leaves her to America, so he wants to help her to solve her family problem. However, Theenai misunderstands him and thinks that he tries to get back with his wife, so they fight with each other. Daru is very angry at her husband, so she quarrels with him in front of Jean, their daughter.

Jean is hurt seeing her parents quarrel, so she asked her babysitter to take her to run away to stay at Chomtawan farm, Theenai’s uncle and aunt’s farm. She tells Praiya or Dream, Theenai’s younger sister about her family problem, so Dream wants to help them.

Dream tries to get rid of her’s brother’s girls and her sister-in-law’s guys out of their way and Witawin is one of them.


Tuesday’s Teaser

A remake of a 2006 lakorn, Sanya Kaen Saen Rak (2019) drops October 31, 2019, and stars Vill Wannarot and
Nike Nitidon
. No word yet if this will be subbed and by whom.

Chaesitha is a wedding planner and Wongwen owes him money for her wedding because her groom runs off with her money.

Credit: mydramalist

A light romantic comedy, this is one of those lakorns that have been stocked for a while, but it’s good to see it’s finally reaching the light of day. And as Vill said herself, it’s one of her few romantic comedies so if you’re a fan of hers, you get to see her in a new light.


Music Monday

No specific theme for week 7, it’s going to be a hodgepodge of different genres and ideas. Today’s music video is none other then one featuring the slap and kiss lakorn Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (2014), which I kept getting confused with Sanya Kaen Saen Rak, which is not even out yet. Both do feature revenge, but one is a slap and kiss and the other is a romantic comedy. So, very different.  The music video to Sanaeha Sunya Kaen has lots of spoilers, so fair warning before we dive in. And while I only watched part of the lakorn, I actually like the music video better. You don’t notice someone’s (hint, hink, rhymes with Rome) horrible acting.

Warning, serious spoilers ahead!

Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (2014) synopsis:

Kin, the wealthy President of KTK Corporation just married his long-time, girlfriend of 7 years, Ganok. On their wedding night, the bride, Ganok realizes she has forgotten to bring a wedding present she had made for Kin. She rushes home to retrieve it.
Meanwhile, a young lady named Tawan has just left the airport after finding out that her long-time fiancé has been cheating on her with another woman who is pregnant with him and is breaking off their engagement. Tawan has faithfully supported her fiance financially and emotionally for years, sacrificing herself, only to find out that all along he has been using her. Tawan, hurt and heart-broken, walks home in the rain, but while crossing the street is hit by Ganok’s car. In the aftermath of the accident, Tawan is hospitalized, but Ganok is pronounced dead.
Kin is devastated that he has just lost the love of his life, newly married for not even one night. Kin demands to know who caused his wife’s car accident. When he discovers her identity, he vows to do everything in his power to exact revenge on Tawan for killing his bride. Tawan unwittingly falls right into his trap when she signs an employment contract with Kin. Will Kin ever be free from his anger and hurt, or will his need for revenge drive both him and Tawan into greater tragedy?


Deep Dive Into Lakorns

I’ve decided to do a deep dive into lakorns. What does that mean? Well, looking into lakorns as a genre and finding statistical evidence to either prove or disprove common assumptions/questions about them.

Inspired by this article, I wanted to see if I could use the wonderful search engine at mydramalist as well. Each entry has genres that tell you what you can expect to see in the drama. You can also search for more dramas with the genres you like as well. And the tag system works similarly, only goes into even more detail. Say you like marriage and see the tag ‘marriage’ under a drama. You can click on it and see other dramas that have marriage. And some tags are even more precise, like ‘Arranged Marriage, Fake Marriage, Failing Marriage’ and so on. (Yes, I’ve sent a lot of time in those tags 😊😍.

So I’ve always had several assumptions and I wanted to see if my deep dive into lakorns supported them or not. These are some of the assumptions and questions I have and ones I’ve heard from Internet.

  • Are all lakorns romance? In fact, are there any lakorns that don’t feature romance?
  • There are a lot of slap and kiss lakorns. That wasn’t my assumption, but a lot of people seem to feel that way. So I asked the question. Are slap and kiss lakorns really a big portion of lakorns released each year?
  • Are there more marriage dramas in lakornland than outside it?
  • Do other countries have a lot of dramas with past lives/reincarnation story lines?

Methodology: I decided to proceed as follows. First, I would use three years of data and the most recent years because I assumed that most people would be more familiar with and have seen the more recent lakorns as opposed to older ones, so they are more likely to have tags. Undoubtedly, English subbed lakorns would have been seen by more people, so they would have better and more accurate genres. There’s little I can do about inaccurate data outside of seeing every lakorn made myself, 🤣, so I decided to just plow forward. By the way, I started looking into this in September 2019, so by now these statistics may be outdated as people add genres and so on.

In 2016, 175 lakorns released. 2017, 193 lakorns. Lastly, in 2018, 182 lakorns.


2016 – 175 lakorns, 16 lakorns (90.85) supposedly don’t have romance in them according to the tags, but I think it’s more like 6 or 96.57%. I looked at the lakorns without romance to figure it out based on pictures, synopsis and so on. Range is 90 to 96% of lakorns had romance in them in 2016.


2017 – 193 lakorns, romance played a part in all but 26 of them (86.52%). A closer look revealed the number to be more like 8 + of them. So we can say more accurately that in 2017, ~185 lakorns out of 193 lakorns (95.85%) had romance in them. So the range is from 86 to 95% of 2017 lakorns had romance in them.

2018 Lakorns

In 2018, there were 182 lakorns, 164 of those were considered romance for 90.11%. (By the way, did you know there was a web series called The Bitch War (2018) that apparently was part of a tourist campaign for Southern Thailand? No? I didn’t either.)

Ahem. When I looked further into the results, I concluded that at least 5-6 of them probably had romance in them, so the real total of how many lakorns without romance in them at all in 2018 is probably more like 170+ out of 182 or 93.4. So ~90 to 93% of lakorns have romance in them in 2018.

What does this mean? Well, it means, romance lovers, welcome to lakornland! You’ll love it here! ❤ No really, according to my research, Korea dramas in 2016, 108 out of 168 dramas were romance (64%), 2017 had 190 dramas, with romance playing part in 114 of them (60%). And 2018? 151 dramas out of 197 which is 76%. So if you want to watch a romance, chances are much more likely you’ll get it in a lakorn.

What are some other questions you think we should address?


More remake recommendations. I know I already did a post on Thailand remakes of foreign dramas/movies here, but Thailand also remakes a lot of their own series routinely, so there’s almost always 2 or more remakes on air. So this time I’m focusing on remakes of older lakorns. Some spoilers ahead!

1. ROY MARN 2011Boy Pakorn (Mark) and Margie Rasri (Bee) make such a cute couple. Margie plays a replacement bride who must marry Mark to settle her uncle’s debt. I don’t mind remakes if they improve upon the original, especially the flaws and keep the best parts, and from what I’ve learned, one of the things this 2011 version of Roy Marn changed was to make a rape scene into a ‘willing’ scene, which is the major improvement. There are a lot of flashbacks in the first episodes, so it takes a while to get to the slow burning romance, but it’s worth it. There is definitely a Romeo and Juliet feel to the lakorn, and moments of great romance and drama. Watch it here.

2. Roy Leh Sanae Rai 2015 – For those who don’t know, this lakorn is about a guy who finds out his father left half his fortune to girl, the daughter of a woman his father loved. So the pra’ek decides to get it back by marrying the girl, but of course, he really falls in love.

I’ve watched both versions of Roy Leh Sanae Rai and love them both, but I had to make a choice. Tik or Push? How can you choose between hot vs hot? I also loved Aom in the 2004 version, but 2015 version of Roy Leh Sanae Rai is simply more passionate. The chemistry between the pair work. I also liked that they changed the 2015’s version by changing the relationship between the 2nd male lead, who loved the nang’ek of course and having him develop a relationship with the nang’ek’s friend. This is a slap and kiss lakorn, just to warn those who may wish to watch it, and has the usual slap and kiss tropes, including rape. Download here.

3. Mia Taeng. The 2nd remake of Mia Taeng starred Rome Patchata and Chompoo Araya as a couple who marry due to reasons apart from love who grow to love each other. This is more of a guilty pleasure then anything else, but several things work here. H has a girlfriend and continues with her even when married, but h has 2 suitors who would be eager to take her off his hands, so he’s always chasing them off jealously. The nang’ek is smart and makes up for the pra-ek’s stupidity. In older versions, apparently there was a rape, but they changed that in this version. Download it here or watch it streaming here.

What are your top 3?


What’s Next?

A favorite lakorn classic, Dung Duang Haruetai (2020) seems to have a new remake every ten or so years. There was the 1996 version with Num Sornram and Nat Myria, a 2007 remake with Weir Sukollawat and Kwan Usamanee. And now the 2020 version, starring Tik Jesadaporn and Kimberley Anne Woltemas.

When I saw Kimberley in this dress, I had to write about this lakorn. Dung Duang Haruetai (2020) has a long synopsis, so you can click the link to read more, but basically it’s about three kingdoms and their complicated relationships with each other. There’s a hate to love relationship here, kidnappings, forbidden love, and so on.

You can tell there’s been a lot of thought and effort put into the fashion for this lakorn. For comparison, here are pictures of the fashion from other versions. Dung Duang Haruetai (2020) is still filming now and is on Muse’s upcoming project list to English sub. You can watch the classic 1996 version here or dl here. The 2008 version is available here. I definitely have this on my must watch list and so should you!


Tuesday’s Teaser

Sapai TKO stars Dan Worrawech and Pattie Ungsamalynn and drops October 24, 2019, and it’s fun. So I guess this will be a slapping lakorn (don’t know about the kissing part yet!). This will be subbed by Thippy! Thank you Thippy ❤ !

Sapai TKO

Synopsis: Pithi Panapong’s (Paul) biggest frustration is his own mother, khunying Chawpraka, who is desperately trying to get him to marry the woman she approves of. Khunying Chawpraka’s disappointment is her eldest son, who got married while he was overseas with a foreigner named Rebecca. She swore to herself that she would never let another son of hers marry another foreigner. Thus, she decided that her youngest son should marry someone who is most suited to the family’s status, a socialite named Sarutha. Little did khunying Chawpraka know that Pithi had already been seeing someone while studying abroad.

Pithi decided to take a vacation to find a solution to his problem. As luck would have it, his jet ski capsized while he was out at sea. Fortunately, someone witnessed this and saved him. The first thing Pithi saw when he regained conscious was Parn (Kob) giving him a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He mistakenly took her as a boy and reacted strongly which caused Parn to feel negatively about her first impression of him. Credit to Kudaranai

This is a remake of Sapai Tornado (2005), which was never fully subbed. The teaser is fun, but I am still disheartened by Pattie’s fake kisses in Princess Hours Thai, hehe. Dan is apparently her real boyfriend, so people are wondering if there will be real kisses this time.


Monday Meeting – Remakes again?

I started my blog talking about remakes of kdramas in Thailand. The week of 10/20/2019 – 10/26/2019, I want to revisit that a little bit. But more importantly, I want to highlight patterns I see, connections between lakorns and other dramas. Really, connections anywhere. So fasten your seatbelts, folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Credit: Channel 7

So here are two mvs of the opening songs of Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang (2019) and Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang (2006), I think I like the 2006 version better and it’s English subbed, so you can follow the lyrics.

Subs by choblingfansubs


Subbing Now

Two more lakorns are beginning to be English subbed, so it’s time for another edition of Subbing Now.

Tiwa Sorn Dao

Tiwa is the heir of a millionaire. Chomdao is a pretty and clever girl. They meet each other on an island in the middle of the sea.

Source: ThaiUpdate

Thippy started subbing Tiwa Sorn Dao. It stars Puen Khanin and Chippy Sirin. I’m not familiar with Puen, but Chippy was in Rang Tawan. You can find it here. This started September 28, 2019 and airs 3 days a week on Channel 3. Here’s a song from the ost. Tags: island, rich guy, amnesia

Jaosua Mua Nim

Prot is a kind man who loss his memory. He is enlisted to pretend and act as the heir of a wealthy family since he is identical to the real heir. Although he is not used to be a hiso, he makes the best of it. Everyone adore him for being a good person. Naet, the fiancee of real heir also begins to like him. As their love begins to bloom, the real heir attempts to kill him. Prot tried to make everything right again but they are secrets that are slowly beginning to unravel.

(source: lakorngalaxy)

Jaosua Mua Nim just started October 16, 2019. It stars
Bom Tosuwan
and Phatchaya Phiansamoe, both fairly new actors. I saw Bom last as the 2nd male lead in Jao Sao Jum Yorm (2018). Neko will sub it here. This airs 5 days a week on Channel 7. Here’s a song from the ost. Tags: switch places, rich guy, poor man, amnesia


Fab Five – Digital edition

Okay, so here are some upcoming lakorns I’m looking forward to and you should too! First, though, a look at Thai’s tv industry.

Let’s talk a little about the cable and digital world in Thailand tv. The majority of the population watch free to air channels like Channel 7, and Channel 3 (similar to ABC, CBS and NBC). So lakorns aired by those channels usually produce the highest ratings.

Full House Thailand

Then you have the digital market. TrueVisions is a cable company in Thailand, and True4u, which produces such shows as Full House Thailand and a lot of other content, is part of TrueVisions.

In the digital world, Gmmtv is responsible for a lot of unique, and original programming. They’re a production company behind several different channels. Gmmtv is part of GMM Grammy, which is like an entertainment conglomerate in Thailand, think Disney. GMM used to have cable channels, but switched to digital and got rid of them. GMMTV has produced a lot of series, such as Ugly Duckling series, U Prince series, Sotus series and lots of other dramas. They’ve really set a mark for themselves with youth or teen dramas such as the Hormones series.

A lot of the recent round of remakes came from digital channels, although channel 3  has started to get on board that trend. More importantly, I think that GMMTV having a digital presence means that they are more interested in the international market and this has led to a willingness to take chances and explore different genres and lakorns then before. If you look at the lakorns on Netflix, the majority of them were provided by GMM and there is a diversity of genres and ideas that you don’t find in broadcast channels. For example, we have Pidsawat, but we also have lakorns like Thirteen Terrors with is different from more traditional horror lakorns like Pidsawat. There’s the Club Friday series, which are racier then the usual lakorns. And remember that rare unicorn, sports genres?  Well that’s on Netflix too! 

My Love From Another Star

Another thing, I think that the diversity of GMMTV’s lakorns might inspire more diversity in other channels. So if those channels see the success of GMMTV, they might see the need to emulate it more. For example, I think the success of 2014’s Full House Thailand from cable channel True4u, spurred other channels to find their own kdrama remakes, so Channel 3 is airing My Love From Another Star now and more and more remakes are being scheduled. 

Here are some shows I’m looking forward from these channels.

  1. The Stranded which is apparently coming to Netflix. “When a tsunami strands dozens of teens on an island at their private school, they soon realize no rescuers are coming and they must save themselves.” (Credit: mydramalist) 
  2. A Gift to the People You Hate (2019) is supposed to start on October 18th and I’ve already talked about it here
  3. Boss and Me with Push and Aom – this is a remake of a popular Chinese drama about a girl who loves to eat and her boss who falls in love with her. This is a new pairing, but Push and Aom look goood together.
  4. Ruk Woon Wai Jao Chai Kob (2019) which is a remake of The Prince Turns Into a Frog. Son and Vill have starred in several lakorns together already, so yes, I’m excited, they make a good koojin.
  5. Girl2K – Momay (Sushar) is 2000 years old girl who has never aged, and gets her chance to live a normal life if she finds the love of her life this year, but she’s got to pick between 4 different guys.