What’s Up With Lakorns?

This week is beginner’s week as we learn more about lakorns. We’ll go over some basic terms and give more information about lakorns here. I am still a learning about lakorns myself, despite being a fan of 10+ years, so bear with me.😊 The focus will also be on the English subbed lakorns that are watched by the international community.

Lakorn Categories and Times

Thailand tv shows are called lakorns. They usually revolve around romantic entanglements. The lakorns air on various channels in Thailand, like Channel 3, 5 and 7 (think ABC, NBC, and CBS). There are also cable channels such as GMM, True4u and One (think HBO, Showtime and AMC) that offer more teen series and usually more racier content. There are also two different categories of lakorns that most lakorns can be divided into according to time: prime time lakorns and evening lakorns. This refers to the basic tv channels 3, 5 and 7, not cable channels which usually air later at night and only once a week.

Prime time lakorns usually feature the most popular actors and actresses like Yaya Urassaya. They air 2-3 episodes a week, 2-3 days a week for a few months. They are usually an hour and a half long, more or less. Kleun Cheewit aired on Channel 3, Monday-Tuesday for 1hr, 50min from January to March 2017.

Evening lakorns air 4-5 times a week, Mon-Thur or Mon-Fir. They’re shorter, like 45 mins to an hour. Usually, they would have a longer episode length, 20 or more episodes. They can be big ratingswise, but often feature lesser known actors or actresses. They’re shown before the news. Tra Barb See Chompoo aired on Channel 3 Monday-Friday for 45 mins daily, from November to December 2018.

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Common Lakorn Terms

  • Lakorn – Thai drama or play. Some also call lakorns soap operas.
  • Pra’ek – male lead
  • Pra’rong – 2nd male lead
  • Nang’ek – female lead
  • Nang’rai – the 2nd female lead, but usually she’s the villain of the lakorn.
  • Khun – more formal way to address someone, similar to Mr. Mrs. Miss etc. (used before someone’s name usually)
  • Nong – used to address someone younger regardless of gender (used before someone’s name usually)
  • P’– (I prefer this over “Pee” cuz of English meaning of pee) – address someone you’re close to who’s older. (used before someone’s name usually)
  • Koojin – Main couple

Lakorn Genres

Most lakorns can fit into the action, romantic comedies, or dramas genres. There are many dramas and comedies that focus on the main relationship between the two leads. For a more detailed look at genres, check this post out!

Something that I’ll address in more detail in a later post are slap n’kiss lakorns, which often feature rape. Conversely, outside of rape, there is very little sexual going ons between the two main leads outside of usually chaste and often faked kisses, but cable shows are generally more lax in this area.

  • Action lakorns – featuring action, like fighting, lots of it. These shows are usually about police officers, military personnel and so on.
  • Romantic comedies – lots of these set in the city, the country, etc.
  • Dramas – I refer to as anything that isn’t comedic, but can’t be classified as something else.
  • Sitcoms – which aren’t as popular internationally.
  • Series – Cable channels shows have a lot of series mostly geared towards teenagers like the Hormones series, but also they did Full House Thai and other kdrama remakes.
  • Horror/Ghost stories are another main topic of lakorns.
  • Historical lakorns consists of two main types, from what I can tell. One type is set in the distant past, like Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018). The other type is set in the early 20th century up to the 1960s or so. I wrote more about it here.
  • Slap n’kiss lakorns, which often feature rape and well, slaps and kisses following the slap or is it vice versa? Well, both.
  • Family lakorns – the Suparburoot Jutathep Series each featured a different brother in the five lakorns.
  • Revenge – lakorns desire its own genre, they are sooo numerous in lakornland.
  • Boran lakorns (see more below).

Boran lakorns are more specific type of lakorn that are based off mythology. They usually air on Channel 7, Saturday and Sunday, and involve a lot of fantasy, gods, demi humans and other fantastical beings. Think of the Chinese fantasy series such as Eternal Love or Ashes of Love. Boran lakorns aren’t subbed generally, but Laila Thida Yak, is being subbed now and it seems like a boran lakorn.

Any questions, corrections, comments? Or addends? Let me know!

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