Top Three For Lakorn Newbies

This week is beginner’s week, so I’m targeting this to lakorn newbies, but if you’re a lakorn lover already and want to spread the love, these are the lakorns I’d recommend you show people.

  1. Full House (2014) – Full House is an obvious choice for several reasons. It’s popular, it’s fun, it’s a story that people might be familiar with already if they watched the Korean version. Aom and Mike are a great couple, of course. This is a good starter lakorn to help people get used to the Thai language and subtitles, if they aren’t already, but there is little to nothing of the Thai culture present here. Kiss Me Thai, also staring Aom and Mike would work too for similar reasons. Tags you’ll want to use: marriage of convenience, contract relationship, bickering couple, rich man/poor woman, celebrity

Aom and Mike play a writer and a singer whose worlds collide when Mike buys the house that Aom owns. Confused? Aom’s friends swindled her and sold the house while Aom was on a trip. When Aom comes back and discovers this, she refused to accept it and this results in a contract marriage between them as they share the house for a year. This is such a cute couple. Aom is optimistic and cheerful, and Mike is more brooding, but he has his sweet moments also. Compared to the kdrama, the couple really makes sense and anyone looking for a romantic drama will find lots of feels here.

2. Kleun Cheewit (2017) – This might surprise people as a recommendation for a lakorn newbie, but I think the story is intense and dramatic enough for people to want to continue watching it to see what will happen. Plus, the chemistry between this couple is unbelievable. And can I also point out that the story really does a great job of showing their relationship growing from hate to love? Useful tags: Love-hate relationship, Slow burn romance, Celebrity, Strong woman.

Mark Prin is Sathit, a young lawyer, grieving the death of his beloved fiancee from a car accident. The owner of the car who killed his fiancee is superstar actress and model Jeerawat, played by Yaya Urassaya. Sathit blames Jeerawat for the accident and tries to do everything in his power to bring her to justice. What will happen next and how will hate grow to be love? Well, you gotta watch it.

3. Pitsawat (2016) – This is such an expertly made lakorn that is an antidote for all the cookie cutter lakorns that are made, an answer to those who say that lakorns aren’t as well made as those from Korea or China. We have the excellent Pong Nawat as Akkanee, Sarochinne is played by Noon Woranuch, another actress with years of acting behind her and the whole mystery and tragedy of the the story makes for compelling watching. Tags: Horror/Ghost, Mystery, Fated Romance, Past Lives, Hate to Love, Love to Hate

Akkanee is an archaeologist who meets Sarochinee, a beautiful and mysterious woman whom strange things occur around. He is fascinated by her, as well as fearful, as unnatural deaths start cropping up. It all seems to have something to do with the past, and relics of the past that Akkanee found. What is the connection between Sarochinee and Akkanee? Why is Sarochinee out for revenge?

Do you have any lakorns you think would be great for newbies? What about more well crafted lakorns?