My Love From Another Star Episode 1 Recap

So we start off with a quick overview of when our hero comes to Earth with rather laughable computer generated shots of a ship. Immediately he saves a girl called Bua from falling over a cliff in her runaway carriage, with his freezing time skills and and then we see him in modern-day time, where he talks about how he’s been here for 333 years and how his skills and senses are superior to humans. In 3 months, he will finally have a chance to go back to his home, his star.  I am totally getting Spock-like flashbacks from Nadech’s styling.

Then we have our heroine, the actress Falada (played by Matt Peeranee), at the scene of one of her lakorns.

Cut to our heroine, a famous actress who right on cue, sheds a tear, much to the delight of the director and crew, staff. And then we are immediately shown another side of the story, as she immediately shows her lack of knowledge and vanity. Love it as the lakorn goes on to show she has some smarts as well as she plays her managers to avoid getting censured by them by telling them about how other companies are interested in her joining them. 

Falada’s main talent, crying on cue.

They’re upset at her because she always shows her lack of knowledge of the Thai language through her social media posts, which make her seem ignorant and stupid. Falada is upset to be reminded of this, and in this mood, goes to her new apartment building where she meets our hero.

Falada think she’s got a stalker when our hero steps onto the elevator with her. Of course, he’s just going to the same floor and he doesn’t even know who she is. Falada can’t believe he doesn’t know who she is, everyone knows she is and she’s further upset when she goes online and she sees lots of comments about how stupid she is.

Look at the expression! lol

And then we get a look at her mother, who like Falada seems to be a lot of fake bluster, boosting about her famous daughter at a luncheon of women, but showing at the same time she doesn’t have a close relationship with her. We find out one of them is the mother of a supporting actress in Falada’s drama. The other mother shows up Falada’s mom’s bad relationship with her daughter by having more knowledge of what Falada is doing then she does.

Falada’s mom calls to get some money out of her and complain that Falada has nothing, everything she’s got, her beauty and talent of crying, is from her. Oh, and Falada is to check in on her brother as her mom hasn’t heard from him in awhile, so we get a fast peep of the brother next, who’s at an Internet cafe and gets upset at some teens who are talking about Falada.

It’s bedtime, the hero is soundly asleep, except he hears first the faucet running, then Falada singing. So he goes to have a word with his new neighbor about noise control, and in the process, manages to insult her intelligence. Well Falada, as she should, goes off on him, Talking about how she didn’t get enough nutrients for her brain because she can’t get fat and all the things she never got to do like anybody else because she had to start working at 13. So the H gets to hear her cry throughout the night.

Next, we have a look at the second female lead Roong or nang-rai? and  her manager Thot? who is upset at the treatment that her client is getting. Thot is pleased to inform Roong about a show that is dissing Falada. So we see Falada and her team watching the show, and they begged her to go back to school.

The villains of the drama enter (or at least they look like the villains) and it looks like a meeting at a corporation regarding a mall with the father in charge, who’s pleased with his son’s behavior. He has another son, we learn as we cut to Mork.

Mork is a confirmed playboy who picks up Falada and they chat as he takes her to school, where she is greeted like the superstar she is. But to Falada’s surprise, the professor is none other than her new neighbor, and she thinks back to what happened between them. Bored by the mating habits of a fly lecture, Falada drifts off, and later tries to appease the professor,  who ain’t having it.

Mork, our heroine’s bf, or wanna be bf. Not sure which.

We’re next introduced to Arun, the professor’s lawyer friend and only friend, whom Archira informs him that he’s leaving in three months, so he’ll need another death certificate. And a quick scene change to Falada having dinner with Mork and friend Roong, and Mork pulls out a ring to propose. They already talked about marriage in the car, but Falada said that she didn’t want to get married right now cuz she wanted to continue to get leading roles, so I have no idea why he is proposing, but Roong looks upset.

There are a number of scene changes between the two groups, Professor Archira and Arun, and Falada, Roong and Mork as they both tell their side of the same story. Arun asks why Archira never returned before to his home, and the professor talks about a woman named Bua he met when he first arrived, who gave him a gift. She died three hundred years ago. But something strange happened 12 years ago when the Professor was working in a hospital. He had a vision of the future where a truck is about to run down someone who looks like Bua.

Of course, that girl 12 years ago was Falada and Mork had come over there to see her and saw Falada running away in tears (Why? We don’t know yet), about to be run down by a truck. The professor saves Falada from the truck naturally. Falada says that she still thinks of the man and wants to see him again.

Flashback to the past, where we see aliens’ gathering insects, flowers and other specimens and our hero seems particularly fascinated, we see him going to wander around village looking at the people playing games, fighting.

Bua is there too, copying some writings on hell that her mother-in-law had her do. Bua bemoans her state, her mother-in-law blames her for her son’s death, but Bua says that she didn’t want to marry, she had no choice and wonders if her mother-in-law wishes her in hell. That’s a possibility, Because she falls unconscious, and an assassin comes in to carry her away. He carries her to the forest, where he prepares to kill her, but Bua wakes, sees she’s in danger and tries to get away.

Bua is saved by our hero, Archira and seems to recognize him from before, when he saved her life in the carriage. She wants to exchange names, but he doesn’t speak, instead he levitates. Bua is amazed at this and wants to learn to fly too, but all he does is give her a hair pin. Briefly flash back to the present, where the hairpin is being shown in a museum setting and a tour guide explains about it and the anonymous donor of it, it’s of course the professor, who’s shown listening in.

W…want to see something special?

To finish the story, Professor Archira tells Arun that he wants to meet the girl again, and we see the two of them later on the elevator together. Falada tries to explain away her previous behavior, But the professor just gives her another lecture and leaves, although he’s secretly spying on her through his spyglass in his home with an amused look a moment later. In the middle of the night, he has a vision of a person in a silver dress and heels falling off a building.

Wait a minute. Stop the presses!!!! Let me back that up.

Is that a hint of an emotion???

I want to continue the investigation into whether Nadech was actually emoting there, but the lakorn continued and so must I. Sigh. Archira tells his friend Arun about the vision, Arun thinks that it means he should try to save the person, but Archira doesn’t agree. He tells Arun he did that before in the past, only to have a bad outcome. When he helped a guy win a game, the guy continued to gamble and later on ends up trying to sell his daughter for money. But Arun tries to convince him it’s different this time, maybe it’s someone important to him.

So to recap this recap, Archida had a dream or vision where he sees someone (no face shown) fall off a building, someone in silver high heels.

Now we go to Falada being asked to star in a show, she doesn’t want to do it until she learns her rival Mina is going to get the part instead. Mina wanted the part and asks Falada’s friend Roong why Falada took it even though she doesn’t like doing shows. Falada’s friend talks about how Falada does things just to take it away from Mina. Which upsets Mina even more, of course, and Falada’s friend, who was with Falada and Mork at the restaurant (seemed to have a thing for Mork), watches with a small smile as Mina rants against Falada.

In the last part of the episode, we see the professor growing things, having a relaxing time until…. Someone comes home drunk and rowdy and trying to input her passcode on his door. Archira tries to tell her that this is not her apartment, but she slips past him and falls onto his couch. Bemused, the professor picks up after her and he turns and looks at her and they’re having a moment.

Shh. They’re having a moment.

Random Thoughts

So yeah, if you haven’t noticed from my commentary, Matt as Falada was killing it, she’s cut down on the overacting (hopefully for good) since the last time I saw her in Kuan Kammathep. And yeah, that was 10 years ago, but glad to see she’s changed. Nadech, on the other hand, seems have been stuck in a time loop, emotionwise. And I love him. Since, uh, Rang Pratana (2013). (I have a massive lakorn backlog to watch….)

But anyway, Nadech, don’t just be a beefcake. I know you can do more!

Random shower scene because, why not?