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In this post, I’ll talk about the state of streaming lakorns today, what lakorns are available for streaming and where in the USA. The focus will be ones that have English subtitles, so just assume I’m referring to sites with English subtitles.

Oh My Ghost Thai is now streaming at Netflix USA.

As far as I know, there are two, count them, two official streaming sources to watch lakorns or Thailand dramas legally from the USA. Those are Netflix and youtube channels like Channel GMM. Oh, and Channel 3 too, but that’s a little different. Netflix started streaming lakorns years ago, but they’re mostly lakorns from GMM, and True4u.

Viki has like one lakorn, A Fleet in Time, from GMM. Other sites like Kocowa, OnDemandKorea, Hulu, and Amazon Prime focus mainly on Korean drams, with some Japanese ones for Amazon Prime. And sites like Viu aren’t available in the USA. This is why fansubbers such as Neko, Muse, Thippy, wishboniko, anonyblue1, chobling and others are sooo appreciated and beloved with lakorn fans. They’ve subbed dozens of lakorns for years now.

Here are just a few shows fansubbers are working on!

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That’s also why we encourage, and by we, I mean just about all involved in the lakorn community, fansubbers, fans, etc. ask viewers to watch lakorns from fansubbers sites as much as possible because most fansubbers want them to, so please do so. Most lakorns that can be found on popular unofficial sites are there without the permission of subbers. So please watch from official fansubbers’ sites when possible and please leave them a note of thanks!

Where and What to Watch

Want to know what’s playing on streaming sites like Netflix? Check out Asian Addicts Anonymous site, a great resource that keeps track of what Asian dramas are available. In fact, I used their site to help write this post and instead of making my own lists, I decided to not reinvent the wheel and just link you to their site.


In Family We Trust

What lakorns are available on Netflix? Check Asian Addict’s site here for a list, they usually use the English titles. I also want to give a few recommendations. Definitely need to watch Pidsawat (Blood and Treasures on Netflix), that was awesome, also Luead Khon Kon Jang or In Family We Trust is highly acclaimed and I’ve got it on my plan to watch list.


The Gifted

What about youtube? Click here for a list. Well, there are a few older lakorn fansubbers like wishbonika, chobling, anonyblue1, swtannenat, SJDK Fansub (now called Muse), but virtually all new content on youtube can be found on official youtube channels like GMMTV. GMMTV has a intriguing show called The Gifted, which sounds amazing, and lots of romantic comedy series including popular U-Prince series and Ugly Duckling series. Channel 3‘s yt channel (GMMTV does this as well) also has some fansubbed lakorns like Krong Kam, because they opened up their videos to let people sub some of them! Muse is also in the process of adding subs to some of their lakorns.

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