What’s Next?

With My Love From Another Star beginning September 17, 2019 on Channel 3, what other remakes from foreign dramas/movies can we expect to see in the next year or two? Well, stay tuned because I have a list of remakes coming next!

Turn Left Turn Right
  • Turn Left Turn Right is a GMMTV remake of a 2003 Hong Kong movie about a pair of lovers whose lives brush past each other until they finally meet, but then are once again separated by fate. It stars Singto Prachaya and Pat Chayanit. Teaser.
  • Boss and Me remake of a very popular Chinese drama stars Push Puttichai and Aom Sushar in this story of a girl who loves food and her boss.
  • Another Miss Oh has Yong Armchair and Green Ausadaporn as the leads in this remake of a critically acclaimed Korean drama in which the lives of two women intersect because of their shared name.
  • In Time With You – starring Pae Arak and Mo Monchanok is a remake of the 2011 Taiwanese drama about best friends who strive to find love only to realize they love each other.
  • Voice – veteran actors Andrew Gregson and Pancake Khemanit are detectives who work to solve crimes using her distinctive ability with voices. Remake of Korean drama.
  • My Sassy Girl was just recently announced by True4u and of course it’s based off the mega classic Korean movie of the same name. With Kaew Jarinya as sassy girl and Best Nathasit as the boy who finds himself in a relationship with her.
  • Deja Vu is another Tawanese drama remake with few details right now on where it is at production wise, but it’s supposed to start Pong Nawat and Esther Supreeleela as a couple with lots of tragedy in their lives, but the heroine has a chance to change things through time travel.
  • The Frog Prince has a favorite couple in Son Yuke and Vill Wannarot in a story of a hero who has amnesia, meets heroine, forgets heroine and so on in this remake of a famous Taiwanese drama.

Which Thai remakes are you looking forward to?

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