Music Monday

Week 3, we are continuing our beginner’s guide to lakorns week, starting off with music. Last week, I talked a little about lakorn music, namely it being derivative at times. This week, I want to focus more on a particular type of music, morlum music.

Poobao Indy Yayee Inter

Thippy wrote a review on Poobao Indy Yayee Inter in which she talked about the various challenges she had overcame while subbing the drama, the difficulty of the language, and translating morlum songs. This immediately caught my attention and I sought more information about morlum (or mor lam) songs. 

Mor lam (Thai/Isan: หมอลำ [mɔ̌ː lam]; RTGS: mo lam) is a traditional Lao form of song in Laos and Isan. Mor lam means ‘expert song’, or ‘expert singer’, referring to the music or artist respectively.

Credit: wikipedia

Mor lam songs are a type of folk songs basically and depending on where you are in Thailand, the name can refer to the music or artist. Morlum songs are often about love, difficulties of life in rural areas and hardship.
From what I can gather, the video below seems to be the more traditional form of the morlum, with someone playing a reed mouth organ called the khene as the singer recites.

Mor lam songs are often about love, difficulties of life in rural areas and hardship. It makes me wonder now how many lakorns I’ve watched with this type of music that I didn’t notice before?

What comes to mind for me are songs like the Korean folk song Arirang or for Americans, perhaps Negro spirituals like this one. Or maybe, a song like “I’ve Been Workin on the Railroads.

What folk songs or music do you know?

Back to School

We are still working on beginner’s week here at Lakorn View. Recently, I wrote a post about various topics like the types of lakorns, genres and common words in lakorns. In this post, we’ll go more into details and give examples of these two common Thai words you’ll hear in lakorns: pra’ek and nang’ek.

Common Lakorn Terms

I will be using the lakorn Princess Hours Thai to explain the terms in detail because the poster itself does a great job of explaining the relationships involved. The lakorn is based off the kdrama Goong, which you may or may not be familiar with.

Princess Hours Thai

Pra’ek – male lead. In this case, our pra-ek is standing next to our nang-ek and they’re both looking at the camera in the poster. In Princess Hours Thai, our nang-ek was the usual stereotype of rich, cold lead who is seemingly without feelings, but warms up thanks to the nang’ek.

Lakorns also have several other types of males, but rich, cold a**hole is a favorite! 😂 There can be naive young males who are usually from the countryside or an island and still have a lot to learn about life like in Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk (these types are big on farming). We also have kind, caring male leads, like in Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat and pra-eks who are in love with and dedicated to the heroines such as in Game Sanaeha. Hot headed, vengeful Mark Prin in Kleun Cheewit (2017) is a very common example of a character type found in just about any slap n’kiss lakorn. Last, but not least, we do get professional doctors (Khun Chai Puttipat), lawyers, CEOs, and so on in lakorns as well.

Princess Hours Thai

Nang’ek – female lead. Ah, yes, in Princess Hours Thai, we have a common female lead, you know if you’ve watched any dramas at all, that spunky, cute, but not too bright heroine. Yep, lakorns have those in lots of romantic comedies especially. But there is another type that lakorns in particular excel at.

Soraya in Jam Leuy Ruk

Are you a soft spoken, can’t stand up for yourself, always want to turn the other cheek female? Then we have the perfect job for you! Come join a lakorn! You’ll get to play the lead role, people will abuse and torment you day and night (you’ll cry buckets of course), but you’ll win in the end because you’ll get to marry the pra’ek (yes, that wonderful man who most likely was the cause of some, if not all the abuse you received!) Meet the doormat character, seen more frequently in older lakorns then newer ones, thank goodness.

Soraya in Jam Leuy Ruk was a self sacrificing type of doormat, with more fight in her then the usual examples of this character. I hate to say it, but Bella Ranee in Padiwarada was a more spunky version of this character as well.

Lakornland is rife with rich spoiled nang’eks as well (look at Rang Pratana), but they always learn their lesson and improve for the better. We also have nice, smart nang’eks, who aren’t doormats, but are more normal characters like in Pin Anong. You’ll also get rare, cool mature women like Noon plays in Pidsawat partially, and sometimes independent, fierce women like in Kleun Cheewit. Well, that’s it for this edition of Back to School. We’ll have more terms in later posts! Sawadee!


Fab Five – Actress Edition

To continue our week of posts for lakorn newbies, I present to you some well known actresses. As a bonus, I’ll even add in info about them. I’ll also talk about what lakorns they starred in. Next week will be Thai actors turn.

The Actresses

BELLA RANEE – 29 years old, been an actress since 2011. Her top hits include Phope Ruk with Mark Prin, and Padiwarada. Bella’s successes have mostly been in historical lakorns, and the hugely popular lakorn 2018 hit, Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat really cemented her stance as a top actress in Thailand.

Taew Natapohn – 30 years, has been in lakorns since 2006. She’s garnered numerous acting awards, along with a reputation for getting along well with co-stars. 2016’s Nakee was a big hit, Nueng Dao Fah Diew had Taew pairing with James Jirayu and Game Sanaeha is a favorite with international lakorn audiences.

Yaya Urassaya Sperbund is 26 years old, but has been in lakorns since 2008. Yaya’s frequent pairings with Nadech Kugimiya have made them a favorite couple and they’ve starred in 7 lakorns together already, with an 8th reunion already planned. It all started with lakorn series 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao, in which Yaya starred with Nadech in Duang Jai Akkanee. Game Rai Phaai Game Ruk in 2011, again with Nadech, was another success. Kleun Cheewit (2017) is very popular and she had great chemistry with Mark Prin.

Kimberley Anne Voltemas – 27 years old, was also part of the lakorn series 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao along with Yaya, and to this day, they are best friends. Her role in the series didn’t garner as much notice, but it was her first real role apart from a cameo, so I’m including the lakorn Thara’s Himalaya, part 1 of the series. Kimberley starred in 2013’s Rang Pratana with Nadech Kugimiya, but really is famous for pairing with Mark Prin, whom she became a koo-jin couple (couple people ship together) with. Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised was another big hit for Kimberley.

Vill Wannarot is 30 years old, and is one of the more prolific actresses on the list. Vill’s first role in 2008’s Kaew Lorm Petch with Son Yuke was a hit, and she has continued to star in hits such as Sud Sai Pan (2013) with Toomtam Yuthana and Leh Nangfah. Vill has starred with a number of different actors, but look out for her roles pairing her with Son Yuke or Toomtam Yuthana.


Tuesday’s Teaser

Ok, technically not Tuesday, but I did mean to post this Tuesday, so… I’m going with it. Suphapburud Jom Jon Series 2 : Maturot Lohgan drops September 28, 2019, and I’m thinking about checking it out. This will be subbed by Neko! Thank you Neko 😍!

Suphapburud Jom Jon Series 2 : Maturot Lohgan

The action scenes looks awesome (and this the first and probably last time you’ll see me write that, unless lakorns are going through some bada** action renaissance I wasn’t aware of.) I actually enjoy well done action scenes, which is why I can’t stand action lakorns 😉. But this… catches my attention.

The lakorn is part of a two part series about twin brothers, both played by Micheal Pattaradet, but he was a solider in the 1st lakorn, Suphapburud Jom Jon Series 1 : Duang Jai Kabot, who saves a princess. In Maturot Lohgan, Micheal plays a bandit who holds our heroine, Mookda Narinrak hostage. So a forbidden love story too? I’m all in!


What’s Up With Lakorns?

This week is beginner’s week as we learn more about lakorns. We’ll go over some basic terms and give more information about lakorns here. I am still a learning about lakorns myself, despite being a fan of 10+ years, so bear with me.😊 The focus will also be on the English subbed lakorns that are watched by the international community.

Lakorn Categories and Times

Thailand tv shows are called lakorns. They usually revolve around romantic entanglements. The lakorns air on various channels in Thailand, like Channel 3, 5 and 7 (think ABC, NBC, and CBS). There are also cable channels such as GMM, True4u and One (think HBO, Showtime and AMC) that offer more teen series and usually more racier content. There are also two different categories of lakorns that most lakorns can be divided into according to time: prime time lakorns and evening lakorns. This refers to the basic tv channels 3, 5 and 7, not cable channels which usually air later at night and only once a week.

Prime time lakorns usually feature the most popular actors and actresses like Yaya Urassaya. They air 2-3 episodes a week, 2-3 days a week for a few months. They are usually an hour and a half long, more or less. Kleun Cheewit aired on Channel 3, Monday-Tuesday for 1hr, 50min from January to March 2017.

Evening lakorns air 4-5 times a week, Mon-Thur or Mon-Fir. They’re shorter, like 45 mins to an hour. Usually, they would have a longer episode length, 20 or more episodes. They can be big ratingswise, but often feature lesser known actors or actresses. They’re shown before the news. Tra Barb See Chompoo aired on Channel 3 Monday-Friday for 45 mins daily, from November to December 2018.

Photo by Pixabay on

Common Lakorn Terms

  • Lakorn – Thai drama or play. Some also call lakorns soap operas.
  • Pra’ek – male lead
  • Pra’rong – 2nd male lead
  • Nang’ek – female lead
  • Nang’rai – the 2nd female lead, but usually she’s the villain of the lakorn.
  • Khun – more formal way to address someone, similar to Mr. Mrs. Miss etc. (used before someone’s name usually)
  • Nong – used to address someone younger regardless of gender (used before someone’s name usually)
  • P’– (I prefer this over “Pee” cuz of English meaning of pee) – address someone you’re close to who’s older. (used before someone’s name usually)
  • Koojin – Main couple

Lakorn Genres

Most lakorns can fit into the action, romantic comedies, or dramas genres. There are many dramas and comedies that focus on the main relationship between the two leads. For a more detailed look at genres, check this post out!

Something that I’ll address in more detail in a later post are slap n’kiss lakorns, which often feature rape. Conversely, outside of rape, there is very little sexual going ons between the two main leads outside of usually chaste and often faked kisses, but cable shows are generally more lax in this area.

  • Action lakorns – featuring action, like fighting, lots of it. These shows are usually about police officers, military personnel and so on.
  • Romantic comedies – lots of these set in the city, the country, etc.
  • Dramas – I refer to as anything that isn’t comedic, but can’t be classified as something else.
  • Sitcoms – which aren’t as popular internationally.
  • Series – Cable channels shows have a lot of series mostly geared towards teenagers like the Hormones series, but also they did Full House Thai and other kdrama remakes.
  • Horror/Ghost stories are another main topic of lakorns.
  • Historical lakorns consists of two main types, from what I can tell. One type is set in the distant past, like Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018). The other type is set in the early 20th century up to the 1960s or so. I wrote more about it here.
  • Slap n’kiss lakorns, which often feature rape and well, slaps and kisses following the slap or is it vice versa? Well, both.
  • Family lakorns – the Suparburoot Jutathep Series each featured a different brother in the five lakorns.
  • Revenge – lakorns desire its own genre, they are sooo numerous in lakornland.
  • Boran lakorns (see more below).

Boran lakorns are more specific type of lakorn that are based off mythology. They usually air on Channel 7, Saturday and Sunday, and involve a lot of fantasy, gods, demi humans and other fantastical beings. Think of the Chinese fantasy series such as Eternal Love or Ashes of Love. Boran lakorns aren’t subbed generally, but Laila Thida Yak, is being subbed now and it seems like a boran lakorn.

Any questions, corrections, comments? Or addends? Let me know!

Credits: mydramalist zig, wikipedia,

Top Three For Lakorn Newbies

This week is beginner’s week, so I’m targeting this to lakorn newbies, but if you’re a lakorn lover already and want to spread the love, these are the lakorns I’d recommend you show people.

  1. Full House (2014) – Full House is an obvious choice for several reasons. It’s popular, it’s fun, it’s a story that people might be familiar with already if they watched the Korean version. Aom and Mike are a great couple, of course. This is a good starter lakorn to help people get used to the Thai language and subtitles, if they aren’t already, but there is little to nothing of the Thai culture present here. Kiss Me Thai, also staring Aom and Mike would work too for similar reasons. Tags you’ll want to use: marriage of convenience, contract relationship, bickering couple, rich man/poor woman, celebrity

Aom and Mike play a writer and a singer whose worlds collide when Mike buys the house that Aom owns. Confused? Aom’s friends swindled her and sold the house while Aom was on a trip. When Aom comes back and discovers this, she refused to accept it and this results in a contract marriage between them as they share the house for a year. This is such a cute couple. Aom is optimistic and cheerful, and Mike is more brooding, but he has his sweet moments also. Compared to the kdrama, the couple really makes sense and anyone looking for a romantic drama will find lots of feels here.

2. Kleun Cheewit (2017) – This might surprise people as a recommendation for a lakorn newbie, but I think the story is intense and dramatic enough for people to want to continue watching it to see what will happen. Plus, the chemistry between this couple is unbelievable. And can I also point out that the story really does a great job of showing their relationship growing from hate to love? Useful tags: Love-hate relationship, Slow burn romance, Celebrity, Strong woman.

Mark Prin is Sathit, a young lawyer, grieving the death of his beloved fiancee from a car accident. The owner of the car who killed his fiancee is superstar actress and model Jeerawat, played by Yaya Urassaya. Sathit blames Jeerawat for the accident and tries to do everything in his power to bring her to justice. What will happen next and how will hate grow to be love? Well, you gotta watch it.

3. Pitsawat (2016) – This is such an expertly made lakorn that is an antidote for all the cookie cutter lakorns that are made, an answer to those who say that lakorns aren’t as well made as those from Korea or China. We have the excellent Pong Nawat as Akkanee, Sarochinne is played by Noon Woranuch, another actress with years of acting behind her and the whole mystery and tragedy of the the story makes for compelling watching. Tags: Horror/Ghost, Mystery, Fated Romance, Past Lives, Hate to Love, Love to Hate

Akkanee is an archaeologist who meets Sarochinee, a beautiful and mysterious woman whom strange things occur around. He is fascinated by her, as well as fearful, as unnatural deaths start cropping up. It all seems to have something to do with the past, and relics of the past that Akkanee found. What is the connection between Sarochinee and Akkanee? Why is Sarochinee out for revenge?

Do you have any lakorns you think would be great for newbies? What about more well crafted lakorns?

Music Monday

For the week of September 23-29, we will focus on just giving a brief overview of lakorns. And what better way to start than the music of lakorns? I’ll be going into more details about music in lakorns later on, but for now, enjoy one of my most favorite lakorn songs ever from Manee Yard Fah.

Does it sound familiar? Celine Dion’s song Falling Into You came out in 1996 and Manee Yard Fah was released in June 2000. Music in lakorns has a long history of borrowing from western music, and if a song strikes you as familiar, it probably is from somewhere else. I’ve also read, but have no way of confirming, that the story itself is based off the book, The Princess by Jude Deveraux. I also reviewed this lakorn here if you’re wanting to learn more about it.

What are your favorite lakorn hits? Drop a line and let us know!

***Though I’m so far away
Maybe destiny brought me to be close to you
I want my heart to search
What you really mean to me

I want you to protect me
But I don’t want you to steal my heart
I feel warm when I’m close to you
Because you’re an important person to me
If you’re not here one day
Would it matter?

Even though we’re so different
But our hearts are linked
I will wait for that day
I get to spend eternity with you

I want you to protect me
But I don’t want you to steal my heart
I feel warm when I’m close to you
Because you’re an important person to me
If you’re not here one day
Would it matter? (English translation by 熊李成 )

Credits: mydramalist, yt video by BlueLagoon256, English translation by 熊李成

My Love From Another Star Episode 1 Recap

So we start off with a quick overview of when our hero comes to Earth with rather laughable computer generated shots of a ship. Immediately he saves a girl called Bua from falling over a cliff in her runaway carriage, with his freezing time skills and and then we see him in modern-day time, where he talks about how he’s been here for 333 years and how his skills and senses are superior to humans. In 3 months, he will finally have a chance to go back to his home, his star.  I am totally getting Spock-like flashbacks from Nadech’s styling.

Then we have our heroine, the actress Falada (played by Matt Peeranee), at the scene of one of her lakorns.

Cut to our heroine, a famous actress who right on cue, sheds a tear, much to the delight of the director and crew, staff. And then we are immediately shown another side of the story, as she immediately shows her lack of knowledge and vanity. Love it as the lakorn goes on to show she has some smarts as well as she plays her managers to avoid getting censured by them by telling them about how other companies are interested in her joining them. 

Falada’s main talent, crying on cue.

They’re upset at her because she always shows her lack of knowledge of the Thai language through her social media posts, which make her seem ignorant and stupid. Falada is upset to be reminded of this, and in this mood, goes to her new apartment building where she meets our hero.

Falada think she’s got a stalker when our hero steps onto the elevator with her. Of course, he’s just going to the same floor and he doesn’t even know who she is. Falada can’t believe he doesn’t know who she is, everyone knows she is and she’s further upset when she goes online and she sees lots of comments about how stupid she is.

Look at the expression! lol

And then we get a look at her mother, who like Falada seems to be a lot of fake bluster, boosting about her famous daughter at a luncheon of women, but showing at the same time she doesn’t have a close relationship with her. We find out one of them is the mother of a supporting actress in Falada’s drama. The other mother shows up Falada’s mom’s bad relationship with her daughter by having more knowledge of what Falada is doing then she does.

Falada’s mom calls to get some money out of her and complain that Falada has nothing, everything she’s got, her beauty and talent of crying, is from her. Oh, and Falada is to check in on her brother as her mom hasn’t heard from him in awhile, so we get a fast peep of the brother next, who’s at an Internet cafe and gets upset at some teens who are talking about Falada.

It’s bedtime, the hero is soundly asleep, except he hears first the faucet running, then Falada singing. So he goes to have a word with his new neighbor about noise control, and in the process, manages to insult her intelligence. Well Falada, as she should, goes off on him, Talking about how she didn’t get enough nutrients for her brain because she can’t get fat and all the things she never got to do like anybody else because she had to start working at 13. So the H gets to hear her cry throughout the night.

Next, we have a look at the second female lead Roong or nang-rai? and  her manager Thot? who is upset at the treatment that her client is getting. Thot is pleased to inform Roong about a show that is dissing Falada. So we see Falada and her team watching the show, and they begged her to go back to school.

The villains of the drama enter (or at least they look like the villains) and it looks like a meeting at a corporation regarding a mall with the father in charge, who’s pleased with his son’s behavior. He has another son, we learn as we cut to Mork.

Mork is a confirmed playboy who picks up Falada and they chat as he takes her to school, where she is greeted like the superstar she is. But to Falada’s surprise, the professor is none other than her new neighbor, and she thinks back to what happened between them. Bored by the mating habits of a fly lecture, Falada drifts off, and later tries to appease the professor,  who ain’t having it.

Mork, our heroine’s bf, or wanna be bf. Not sure which.

We’re next introduced to Arun, the professor’s lawyer friend and only friend, whom Archira informs him that he’s leaving in three months, so he’ll need another death certificate. And a quick scene change to Falada having dinner with Mork and friend Roong, and Mork pulls out a ring to propose. They already talked about marriage in the car, but Falada said that she didn’t want to get married right now cuz she wanted to continue to get leading roles, so I have no idea why he is proposing, but Roong looks upset.

There are a number of scene changes between the two groups, Professor Archira and Arun, and Falada, Roong and Mork as they both tell their side of the same story. Arun asks why Archira never returned before to his home, and the professor talks about a woman named Bua he met when he first arrived, who gave him a gift. She died three hundred years ago. But something strange happened 12 years ago when the Professor was working in a hospital. He had a vision of the future where a truck is about to run down someone who looks like Bua.

Of course, that girl 12 years ago was Falada and Mork had come over there to see her and saw Falada running away in tears (Why? We don’t know yet), about to be run down by a truck. The professor saves Falada from the truck naturally. Falada says that she still thinks of the man and wants to see him again.

Flashback to the past, where we see aliens’ gathering insects, flowers and other specimens and our hero seems particularly fascinated, we see him going to wander around village looking at the people playing games, fighting.

Bua is there too, copying some writings on hell that her mother-in-law had her do. Bua bemoans her state, her mother-in-law blames her for her son’s death, but Bua says that she didn’t want to marry, she had no choice and wonders if her mother-in-law wishes her in hell. That’s a possibility, Because she falls unconscious, and an assassin comes in to carry her away. He carries her to the forest, where he prepares to kill her, but Bua wakes, sees she’s in danger and tries to get away.

Bua is saved by our hero, Archira and seems to recognize him from before, when he saved her life in the carriage. She wants to exchange names, but he doesn’t speak, instead he levitates. Bua is amazed at this and wants to learn to fly too, but all he does is give her a hair pin. Briefly flash back to the present, where the hairpin is being shown in a museum setting and a tour guide explains about it and the anonymous donor of it, it’s of course the professor, who’s shown listening in.

W…want to see something special?

To finish the story, Professor Archira tells Arun that he wants to meet the girl again, and we see the two of them later on the elevator together. Falada tries to explain away her previous behavior, But the professor just gives her another lecture and leaves, although he’s secretly spying on her through his spyglass in his home with an amused look a moment later. In the middle of the night, he has a vision of a person in a silver dress and heels falling off a building.

Wait a minute. Stop the presses!!!! Let me back that up.

Is that a hint of an emotion???

I want to continue the investigation into whether Nadech was actually emoting there, but the lakorn continued and so must I. Sigh. Archira tells his friend Arun about the vision, Arun thinks that it means he should try to save the person, but Archira doesn’t agree. He tells Arun he did that before in the past, only to have a bad outcome. When he helped a guy win a game, the guy continued to gamble and later on ends up trying to sell his daughter for money. But Arun tries to convince him it’s different this time, maybe it’s someone important to him.

So to recap this recap, Archida had a dream or vision where he sees someone (no face shown) fall off a building, someone in silver high heels.

Now we go to Falada being asked to star in a show, she doesn’t want to do it until she learns her rival Mina is going to get the part instead. Mina wanted the part and asks Falada’s friend Roong why Falada took it even though she doesn’t like doing shows. Falada’s friend talks about how Falada does things just to take it away from Mina. Which upsets Mina even more, of course, and Falada’s friend, who was with Falada and Mork at the restaurant (seemed to have a thing for Mork), watches with a small smile as Mina rants against Falada.

In the last part of the episode, we see the professor growing things, having a relaxing time until…. Someone comes home drunk and rowdy and trying to input her passcode on his door. Archira tries to tell her that this is not her apartment, but she slips past him and falls onto his couch. Bemused, the professor picks up after her and he turns and looks at her and they’re having a moment.

Shh. They’re having a moment.

Random Thoughts

So yeah, if you haven’t noticed from my commentary, Matt as Falada was killing it, she’s cut down on the overacting (hopefully for good) since the last time I saw her in Kuan Kammathep. And yeah, that was 10 years ago, but glad to see she’s changed. Nadech, on the other hand, seems have been stuck in a time loop, emotionwise. And I love him. Since, uh, Rang Pratana (2013). (I have a massive lakorn backlog to watch….)

But anyway, Nadech, don’t just be a beefcake. I know you can do more!

Random shower scene because, why not?

Streaming Now

In this post, I’ll talk about the state of streaming lakorns today, what lakorns are available for streaming and where in the USA. The focus will be ones that have English subtitles, so just assume I’m referring to sites with English subtitles.

Oh My Ghost Thai is now streaming at Netflix USA.

As far as I know, there are two, count them, two official streaming sources to watch lakorns or Thailand dramas legally from the USA. Those are Netflix and youtube channels like Channel GMM. Oh, and Channel 3 too, but that’s a little different. Netflix started streaming lakorns years ago, but they’re mostly lakorns from GMM, and True4u.

Viki has like one lakorn, A Fleet in Time, from GMM. Other sites like Kocowa, OnDemandKorea, Hulu, and Amazon Prime focus mainly on Korean drams, with some Japanese ones for Amazon Prime. And sites like Viu aren’t available in the USA. This is why fansubbers such as Neko, Muse, Thippy, wishboniko, anonyblue1, chobling and others are sooo appreciated and beloved with lakorn fans. They’ve subbed dozens of lakorns for years now.

Here are just a few shows fansubbers are working on!

Photo by on

That’s also why we encourage, and by we, I mean just about all involved in the lakorn community, fansubbers, fans, etc. ask viewers to watch lakorns from fansubbers sites as much as possible because most fansubbers want them to, so please do so. Most lakorns that can be found on popular unofficial sites are there without the permission of subbers. So please watch from official fansubbers’ sites when possible and please leave them a note of thanks!

Where and What to Watch

Want to know what’s playing on streaming sites like Netflix? Check out Asian Addicts Anonymous site, a great resource that keeps track of what Asian dramas are available. In fact, I used their site to help write this post and instead of making my own lists, I decided to not reinvent the wheel and just link you to their site.


In Family We Trust

What lakorns are available on Netflix? Check Asian Addict’s site here for a list, they usually use the English titles. I also want to give a few recommendations. Definitely need to watch Pidsawat (Blood and Treasures on Netflix), that was awesome, also Luead Khon Kon Jang or In Family We Trust is highly acclaimed and I’ve got it on my plan to watch list.


The Gifted

What about youtube? Click here for a list. Well, there are a few older lakorn fansubbers like wishbonika, chobling, anonyblue1, swtannenat, SJDK Fansub (now called Muse), but virtually all new content on youtube can be found on official youtube channels like GMMTV. GMMTV has a intriguing show called The Gifted, which sounds amazing, and lots of romantic comedy series including popular U-Prince series and Ugly Duckling series. Channel 3‘s yt channel (GMMTV does this as well) also has some fansubbed lakorns like Krong Kam, because they opened up their videos to let people sub some of them! Muse is also in the process of adding subs to some of their lakorns.

Credits:, Asian Drama Anonymous,

First Impression: My Love From Another Star

My first impression of the new remake of a kdrama, My Love From Another Star. It comes out every Monday and Tuesday, raws are on Channel 3 youtube channel and it’s being subbed by Muse now. I just watched the 1st episode. What did I think?

The mothership

So we start off with a quick overview of when our hero comes to Earth with a rather laughable computer generated shots of a ship. Immediately, he saves a girl called Bua from falling over a cliff in her runaway carriage, with his freezing time skills and and then we see him in modern-day time, where he talks about how he’s been here for 333 years and how his skills and senses are superior to humans. In 3 months, he will finally have a chance to go back to his home, his star.  (I am totally getting Spock-like flashbacks from Nadech’s styling and demeanor. )

Then we have our heroine, Falada, a famous actress, who is also being heavily criticized as ignorant and stupid for her lack of knowledge of the Thai language. Our heroine is also moving into a new apartment today, right next door to our hero Professor Archira. Later on, she starts taking classes to combat the criticism she’s been receiving and guess who is her teacher? Professor Archira, that’s who.

Falada, our plucky heroine

We meet lots of the characters in the 1st episode, Falada’s mom, her friends, staff, rivals in acting, her boyfriend? Mork, and so on, while we also meet Archira’s one friend, an older man named Arun who knows he’s long lived. We also get flashbacks to the past, as Archira talks about wanting to see Bua again. She died 300 years ago, but 12 years ago, he saved someone from being ran over and she looked exactly like Bua. Meanwhile, our heroine Falada also wants to meet someone, whom she never forgot, who saved her life 12 years again. No surprise who that is, right?

Overall, I enjoyed the first episode. I think Matt is perfect for the role, but I have to see more of Nadech to see if he’s right for this. Not sure either of how much chemistry between the two, but I didn’t think the original stars had that much chemistry either. I don’t see any big changes here, this looks like it’s very similar to the original drama. While the computer generated parts aren’t impressive, the production seems to have placed a lot of effort elsewhere to get the look right. Some of the scene transitions seemed abrupt, but I liked it and want to see more.