Welcome to Lakorn View!💖

Welcome to Lakorn View, connecting viewers across one land, one sky. My name is Jazmin and I’m a long time lakorn viewer. I’ve spent the last 10+ years watching lakorns, helping segment them and even blogging about them (I’m a part of JL Subbing and Jasmin’s Lakorn Blog). For more about me, check out the About me section in FAQ.

I wanted to make a blog where people could come together and talk about their favorite dramas, and express their views. How do you feel about the latest trends, what do you love, what you’re watching oh, and what is giving you feels? But this blog is not just about lakorns.  Instead, I hope we can talk about different aspects of the entertainment industry from the perspective of a lakorn viewer. So please join us in our discussions about lakorns and the world of entertainment (namely movies, books, and tv series)!

Lakorn View Rules: The 3 B’s

So expect to see posts about music, genre, trends, upcoming lakorns and more! But before we start our journey together, I do have some things I want to address as the lakorn subbing community recently have had a rash of trolls.

Be Kind – If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Does that mean you can’t talk about what you hated about a lakorn or the acting in a lakorn? NO, of course not. You can be as mean as you want towards lakorns as long as you’re following the other rules. Be kind to other viewers, other people, but you can be frank and open about tv shows, lakorns, movies, etc.

Be Factual – Please no gossip without credible sources. Be able to back up what you say.

Be Respectful – Please make sure to avoid cuss words or other language. Also remember, this is strictly a PG -13 rated blog.

2nd Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com